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Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go

Live at Deathwish Fest

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crucialveegz said: Pat, SDF is mega influential to the current project I'm working on. Just want to know, what's your lyrical writing process? When I write I usually let them float to me as I do day to day stuff like work and sitting about in coffee joints and archive them in a notebook, is there anything in particular that helps you find that "one great line" that hits home?


In the studio, I eat food and play on my phone until a song is recorded. Then I ask the engineer to play an unmixed version for an hour. During that hour I write whatever comes into my head.

For Drug Church, that typically starts with thoughts about a situation or place. For Self Defense, I write down the first phrase that comes to me, then figure out where it came from and write about that.

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Here is some recent news coverage on the beginnings of gentrification coming to the northwest Bronx:

Mom-and-pop stores across from the Kingsbridge Armory are getting iced out of biz (NY Daily News)

“That type of letter is not a renewed-lease-letter; it’s a put-people-out letter,” said Christian Ramos, the vice president of the Kingsbridge Road Merchants Association.

EXCLUSIVE: Amid Re-development of Kingsbridge Armory, Rents To Double For Some In August (Norwood News)

“It’s frustrating. You don’t know if you’re coming or going,” said Bass, who feels as though it’s a type of legal eviction. “That’s just giving us three weeks to increase our rent, make a decision, get out, stay. This is really horrible. And these are families trying to stay.”

BREAKING: Rent hikes near Kingsbridge Armory threaten local businesses (BX Times)

The world’s largest ice rink complex is coming — but many local businesses likely won’t be there to see it.

WATCH: Kingsbridge Road shops face increased rent, possible closure amid building of ice skating center (News 12 The Bronx)

Tenants say a new landlord is starting to double their rents because the Kingsbridge Armory is reopening as a huge ice skating center in a few years, and property values are already starting to skyrocket.

This is what we’re doing to stop it: People Power Movement Fighting Gentrification in the Bronx

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Owen - I Got High

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A couple more photos from last month!